Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Septic Tank Overflowed Due To Heavy Rain in Cheney, NE

An early spring storm in Cheney, NE dumped to much rain at once that the underground septic tank filled up and created a backup inside the house. Luckily, the h... READ MORE

Local Church Loses Roof And Sustains Water Damage

After wind, rain and a tornado swept through south Lincoln, this church still stood. The roof, however, was greatly damaged and needed replaced. The whole in t... READ MORE

Church Suffers Water Damage From Heavy Snow

A snow storm dropped several inches of heavy wet snow near Seward, NE. This church was planning on getting a new roof in the spring. They had to move that up w... READ MORE

Vacant Home Suffers Water and Mold Damage in North Lincoln

This home had been sitting vacant for a couple on months before the summer storms began. The homeowner went to check on the house a couple of days after the ra... READ MORE

Heavy Rain Flows Into Master Bedroom in Lincoln, NE

Heavy spring rains pummeled residents of south Lincoln! This home has a lovely large eggressed window that looks out onto the patio. This window, however, was n... READ MORE

Water Damage On Top Of Sewer Backup

Two of the worst things a homeowner can endure and this poor family had both at the same time. SERVPRO of Lincoln enlisted the help of a Storm Team that was alr... READ MORE